Wagamama Drink menu.

Wagamama Drink Menu Price 2024

The Art of Sipping at Wagamama: Exploring a Spectrum of Refreshment(Wagamama Drink Menu)

We are discussing about Wagamama Drink Menu so here is the complete detail. Wagamama, the renowned name inside the culinary world for its colorful choice of pan-Asian delights, is not just about the food—it’s a holistic experience, blending tradition, layout, and taste to create memorable dining moments. And proper along the one’s scorching plates of teppanyaki and steaming bowls of ramen is an unsung hero: the drink menu. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the sector of Wagamama’s beverages, exploring the diverse mix that makes the proper addition to the ambitious flavors of your favorite dishes.

Wagamama Drink Menu
Wagamama Drink Menu

A Palette of opportunities

In Wagamama Drink Menu, The first encounter with Wagamama’s drink menu may feel like opening the door to a secret room in an already expansive world. An array of picks greets you, promising to quench your thirst and tantalize your flavor buds. whether or not you’re a soda fanatic, a gourmand of artisanal beverages, or a lover of traditional mat cha, there is something right here for anybody.

Wagamama Drinks

The Soda Fountain of Dreams

Wagamama’s soda choice is examined in range. you will find the classics—Coke, Regimen Coke, and Sprite—along with international sensations like Rau ne, the Japanese carbonated smooth drink famous for its precise Codd-neck bottle. but wait, there is more. Quirky and residence-made soda bubbles up in precise varieties, from a pomegranate-laced pride to a zesty ginger concoction, presenting a non-alcoholic toast to variety.

Wagamama Teas and Coffees

Wagamama Drink Menu, Within the realm of hot beverages, Wagamama’s ode to the East takes center stage. Their great tea menu is a tapestry of way of life, offering black, green, and white teas served in artisanal pots, and warmed to the right temperature for tasting. For the espresso lover, the richly brewed beans are a take-heed call to the meticulousness of Wagamama’s sourcing and instruction.

Wagamama Tea :A Fresh Approach

Wagamama is aware of the sacred ritual of brewing the best cup of tea. tour from China with a Dragon nicely Lung Ching, or visit the rolling hills of Darjeeling with the first flush of this aromatic favorite. Their tea services move past the leaf too, with mat cha and genmaicha status as staples for the ones seeking to partake in the harmony of a mat cha latte’s boldness or the roasted comfort of brown rice tea.

Wagamama Coffee:

In Wagamama Drink Menu, Coffee is more than a pick-me-up at Wagamama—it is an enjoy. From the heady and robust arabica combo of their flat white to the clean, velvety texture of the coconut cappuccino, every cup is an invite to sluggish down, sip, and take pleasure in.

Wagamama tea and Wagamama Coffee
Wagamama Tea and Wagamama Coffee

Nutritional insight: What’s in Wagamama Drink Menu?

Wagamama Drink Menu offers a variety of drinks for health-conscious people. In addition Wagamama’s method of transparency in their beverage offerings is a breath of fresh air. Calorie counts, vitamin labels, and key ingredient information are quite simple to be had, main the charge in demystifying the regularly not noted portion of a meal—the drink. This dedication to disclosure lets customers make knowledgeable picks that align with their dietary goals .

Wagamama Drinks Menu UK 2024

  • Refreshing Juices
  • Soft Drink
  • Coffee
  • Tea

Wagamama Refreshing Juices

JuicesCaloriesPrice In UK £
Apple & Mint Juice100£3.50
Tropical Mango Juice120£4.00
Watermelon Cooler80 £3.75
Pineapple & Coconut Crush110£4.25
Berry Burst Juice90£4.50
Citrus Zing Juice70£3.95
Cucumber Cooler60£3.25
Green Goddess Juice110£4.75
Tropical Tango Juice120£4.95
Watermelon Wave Juice80£3.75
Sunshine Splash Juice100£4.25
Pineapple Paradise Juice85£4.50
Berry Bliss Juice110£4.75
Citrus Splash Juice95£4.25
Minty Fresh Juice90 £4.50
Green Goddess Juice120 £4.95.
Tropical Tango Juice130 £5.25.
Zesty Zing Juice100£4.50
Peachy Paradise Juice110£4.75
Cool Cucumber Juice85£4.25
Berry Burst Juice120£5.00.
Citrus Crush Juice95£4.50
Minty Melon Juice110£4.75
Pineapple Paradise Juice130£5.25
Tropical Tango Juice140£5.50
Ginger Zing Juice100£4.75
Peachy Keen Juice120£5.00
Green Goddess Juice110£4.50
Berry Blast Juice130 £5.25
Citrus Sunrise Juice90£4.50
Pineapple Paradise Juice120£5.00
Mango Madness Juice110£4.75
Watermelon Wonder Juice100£5.50
Tropical Tango Juice110 £5.25
Green Goddess Juice90£4.75
Beetroot Bliss Juice120£5.00
Berry Burst Juice100£5.75
Citrus Sunrise Juice110 £5.50
Mango Madness Juice 120 £6.00
Refreshing Juices

Wagamama Soft Drinks Menu

Soft DrinkCaloriesPrice In UK £
Diet Coke0£3.00
Sprite140 £3.00
Fanta Orange150 £3.00
Ginger Beer120£3.50
Lychee Juice100£4.00
Flavored Water10£3.00
Iced Tea70£3.50
Still Water0£2.00
Sparkling Water0£2.50
Fruit Smoothies200-250£4.50
Milkshakes300-350 £4.50
Coconut Water45£3.50
Herbal Tea0 £3.00
Fresh Fruit Juice200 £4.00
Lemonade120 £3.50
Ginger Ale100£3.00
Iced Coffee150-200£4.50
Fruit Infused Water0 £3.00
Coconut Water 40-50£3.50.
Elderflower Presse 70-90£4.00
Sparkling Water0£2.50
Iced Tea80-100£4.00
Aloe Vera Drink90£3.50
Cold-Pressed Juices120-150£5.00
Lemon Iced Tea80-100£4.00
Coconut Water 45-60 £3.00
Ginger Kombucha30-50£4.50
Hibiscus Iced Tea 80-100 £4.00
Mint Lemonade100-120 £4.50.
Raspberry Fizz120-140 £3.50
Lychee Cooler90-110 £4.50
Peach Green Tea70-90£4.00
Sparkling Water0£2.50
Passionfruit and Mango Cooler 100-120 £4.50
Elderflower Presse60-80 £3.50
Wagamama Soft Drink


TeaPrice In UK £
Green Tea£2.50
Jasmine Tea£2.75
Sencha Tea£3.00
Genmaicha Tea£3.25
Hojicha Tea£3.50
Oolong Tea£3.75
Chamomile Tea£3.00
Peppermint Tea£2.75
Earl Grey Tea£3.25
Wagamama Tea


CoffeePrice In UK £
Latte £3.75
Flat White£3.75
Mocha £4.00
Wagamama Coffee


In conclusion, Wagamama drink menu offers a diverse and refreshing selection of drinks that complement their Japanese-inspired cuisine perfectly. From traditional teas to innovative cocktails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing juice, a soothing tea, or a flavorful coffee, Wagamama has you covered. So next time you dine at Wagamama, be sure to explore their drink menu for a delightful beverage to accompany your meal.

For more information go to Wagamama official website.

FAQS about Wagamama Drink Menu

Wagamama offers a diverse range of drinks, including soft drinks, fruit juices, teas, coffees, smoothies, mocktails, and alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and sake. They also have specialty drinks like Japanese sodas and iced teas.

Yes, Wagamama allows customers to customize their drinks to suit their preferences. Depending on the location and availability, you may be able to adjust sweetness levels, add extra flavors or toppings, or choose from a variety of milk alternatives for certain drinks.

Wagamama offers several options for sugar-free drinks, including unsweetened teas, sparkling water, and certain diet sodas or sugar-free mocktails. These options cater to customers looking for lower-sugar alternatives.

The portion sizes of drinks at Wagamama may vary depending on the type of beverage and the specific menu item. Typically, they offer various sizes ranging from small to large, allowing customers to choose the option that best fits their thirst or preference.

Yes, Wagamama offers a selection of vegan drinks to cater to customers following a plant-based diet. These may include fruit juices, herbal teas, dairy-free smoothies, and other beverages made without animal products.

Yes, Wagamama serves coffee, including espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos. They also offer specialty coffee drinks such as matcha lattes and flavored coffees, along with a variety of teas and hot chocolate.

Yes, water is typically provided for free at Wagamama restaurants. Upon seating, customers are often offered a complimentary glass of water, and additional refills are usually available upon request.

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