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Explore the latest Wagamama Menu and Price List for the United Kingdom, right here!

Welcome to the latest Wagamama menu and prices here in the UK! We’ve got you covered with all the delicious options, from mouthwatering Ramen bowls to tasty dishes for the little ones. Wondering why Wagamama is the go-to spot? Well, it’s simple – their Japanese-style food is bursting with flavor, made with fresh ingredients, and always brings good vibes.

Ready to explore the fantastic flavors of Wagamama? Our menu is super easy to read, with all the latest prices included. Whether you’re craving noodles, rice dishes, or some Asian-inspired delights, Wagamama has something for everyone. With their menu packed full of fresh ingredients and exciting flavors, you’re guaranteed to find a dish you’ll absolutely adore. So why wait? Come on down and discover for yourself why Wagamama is the ultimate choice for your next dining experience!


The Wagamama menu boasts a diverse array of Asian-inspired dishes, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From traditional favorites like ramen bowls, dessert, different drinks ,breakfast and curry dishes to modern creations like teppanyaki and donburi rice bowls, there’s something to tantalize every palate. Fresh and flavorful salads, mouthwatering sides, and indulgent desserts round out the menu, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all. Whether you’re craving a comforting bowl of noodles or a hearty rice dish, Wagamama delivers deliciousness with every bite. Complemented by a selection of refreshing drinks and additional extras, the Wagamama menu offers a culinary adventure that’s sure to leave you coming back for more. Wagamama has variety for Kids also.


Wagamama Pancake

Wagamama serves sweet and savory jap stimulated pancakes, which include fluffy apple and goji berry, and savory Okonomiyaki Omelette style pancakes, supplying a satisfying blend of flavors in every chunk.

Price In UK £:5.95

Wagamama Fruit and Yoghurt

Wagamama Fruit and Yoghurt Bowl is a breakfast choice presenting creamy yoghurt, numerous culmination, and toasted toppings.

Price In UK £:4.95

Wagamama Bacon and Egg Donburi

Bacon and Egg Donburi is a Japanese-inspired rice bowl with crispy bacon, eggs, and other delicious ingredients.

Price In UK £:7.95

Wagamama Spicy Tofu Scramble

Wagamama offers  vegan breakfast or brunch option referred to as the highly spiced Tofu Scramble, made with tofu, spices, and vegetables.

Price In UK £:6.95

Wagamama Salmon Teriyaki Donburi

Wagamama offers a delectable donburi dish comprising teriyaki-glazed salmon served atop rice with crisp clean vegetables.

Price In UK £:8.95

Wagamama Coconut Porridge

Bacon and Egg Donburi is a Japanese-inspired rice bowl with crispy bacon, eggs, and other delicious ingredients.

Price In UK £: 4.95

Wagamama Teppanyaki Uk

Wagamama Yaki Udon

Savor the delectable Yaki Udon, a tantalizing stir-fried noodle dish hailing from the renowned Wagamama restaurant. Bursting with vibrant flavors, expect a medley of crisp vegetables and your choice of protein, such as tofu or succulent prawns, expertly combined with chewy udon noodles.

Price In UK £:13.20

Wagamama Yasai Pad Thai

Delight in the vegan twist of the beloved Thai favorite with Yasai Pad Thai. This rendition features a medley of rice noodles, vibrant vegetables, and tofu, all bathed in a delectable sweet and savory sauce, offering a satisfyingly authentic experience without the need for animal products.

Price In UK £:13.20

Wagamama Yasai Pad Thai & Tofu

Explore  the vibrant flavors of Yasai Pad Thai, a vegan stir-fry masterpiece featuring rice noodles, succulent tofu glazed in sweet amai sauce, and an assortment of crisp vegetables together with bean sprouts, leeks, and chili.

Price In UK £:11.50

Wagamama Steak Teriyaki Soba

Indulge in the delicious taste of teriyaki-marinated steak cooked with soba noodles, creating a flavorful dish with a perfect balance of savory goodness. The tender beef pairs perfectly with the chewy noodles, making every bite a delightful experience filled with rich flavors.

Price In UK £:16.20

Wagamama Salmon Teriyaki Soba

Treat yourself to the delicious taste of Salmon Teriyaki Soba, a classic Japanese meal featuring juicy grilled salmon coated in teriyaki sauce served on top of a bed of flavorful buckwheat soba noodles.


Price In UK £:13.20

Wagamama Ginger Chicken Udon

Try the delightful combination of tender chicken, thick udon noodles, and a flavorful ginger sauce in the beloved Japanese dish, Ginger Chicken Udon.

Price In UK £:15.20

Wagamama Yaki Soba Chicken

Enjoy the delicious taste of Yaki Soba Chicken & Prawn, a flavorful Japanese stir-fry dish that brings together tender chicken, juicy prawns, and a mix of fresh vegetables, all tossed in a tasty yakisoba sauce.

Price In UK £:12.20

Wagamama Chicken & Prawn Pad Thai

Savor the delicious taste of Chicken & Prawn Pad Thai, a flavorful Thai rice noodle dish filled with juicy chicken, tasty prawns, and colorful veggies, all mixed in a sweet and savory tamarind sauce

Price In UK £:13.00

Wagamama Yasai Yaki Soba & Mushroom

Enjoy the tasty Yasai Yaki Soba & Mushroom, a yummy stir-fried noodle dish loaded with fresh veggies and mushrooms. It’s usually vegan and has a delicious sweet and savory sauce that guarantees a flavorful meal.

Price In UK £:10.00

Wagamama Menu Ramen Curry

Wagamama Chicken Chilli Ramen

Chicken Chilli Ramen brings the flavors of Japan to your table with its tender chicken, ramen noodles, and a spicy chili broth.

Price In UK £:13.00

Wagamama Chicken Gyoza Ramen

Chicken Gyoza Ramen is a hearty bowl featuring ramen noodles, chicken broth, steamed chicken dumplings, and vegetables.

Price In UK £:14.50

Wagamama Grilled Chicken Ramen

Grilled Chicken Ramen is a comforting bowl of ramen noodles swimming in a flavorful chicken broth, crowned with succulent marinated grilled chicken pieces.


Price In UK £:12.00

Wagamama Kare Burosu Ramen

In Wagamama Menu, Kare Burosu Ramen offers a vegan-friendly delight, featuring udon noodles bathed in a fragrant curried vegetable broth, garnished with tofu, mushrooms, and an array of colorful vegetables.

Price In UK £:13.00

Wagamama Spicy Miso Mackerel

Steak Chilli Ramen presents a fiery twist on traditional Japanese noodle soup, featuring succulent sirloin steak, vibrant vegetables, and a spicy chili-infused broth for a bold and flavorful experience.

Price In UK £:15.00

Wagamama Pork Belly Shirodashi Ramen

Pork Belly Shirodashi Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup with a rich and savory broth, succulent pork belly slices, and crisp, vibrant vegetables, creating a delightful and satisfying culinary experience.


Price In UK £:14.00


Wagamama Cha Han Yasai

Cha Han Yasai is a Japanese fried rice dish brimming with flavorful vegetables and yasai, typically accompanied by optional ingredients such as egg or meat for added variety and taste.

Price In UK £:10.00

Wagamama No Duck Donburi

No Duck Donburi can either signify a vegan twist on the traditional duck donburi, featuring seitan and hoisin sauce, or simply denote a donburi bowl devoid of any duck meat, offering a different flavor profile while retaining the essence of the dish.

Price In UK £:13.00

Wagamama Shu’s Shiok Chicken

Beef Teriyaki Donburi is a classic Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of thinly sliced beef marinated in teriyaki sauce, usually accompanied by vegetables and a fried egg for a hearty and flavorful meal.

Price In UK £:14.00

Wagamama Chicken Teriyaki Donburi

Chicken Teriyaki Donburi is a popular Japanese rice bowl dish featuring tender chicken glazed with savory teriyaki sauce, often accompanied by a variety of vegetables and additional toppings for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Price In UK £:13.00

Wagamama Cha Han Chicken & Prawn

Cha Han Chicken & Prawn is a flavorful Japanese stir-fried rice dish that combines tender chicken, succulent prawns, and a colorful array of vegetables.

Price In UK £:12.00

Kokoro Bowls

Wagamama Tempeh Katsu Salad

Tempeh Katsu Salad is a refreshing salad featuring crispy tempeh pieces, prepared like katsu, served on a bed of fresh greens alongside assorted vegetables and a flavorful dressing.

Price In UK £:11.00

Wagamama Spicy Miso Mackerel

Wagamama’s Spicy Miso Mackerel is a tasty dish that showcases grilled mackerel coated in a zesty miso sauce with a spicy kick, creating a delightful fusion of spicy and savory flavors.

Price In UK £:15.50

Wagamama Shu’s Shiok Chicken

Shu’s Shiok Chicken is a delicious Singaporean-inspired dish featuring succulent roasted chicken marinated to perfection, served alongside fragrant coconut rice, tangy pickled slaw, and caramelized lime for a burst of flavor.

Price In UK £:12.00

Wagamama Chicken Katsu Salad

Chicken Katsu Salad is a delightful Japanese-inspired salad consisting of crispy breaded chicken, fresh mixed greens, and a zesty tangy dressing.

Price In UK £:12.00

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  • What is Wagamama?

    Wagamama is a British restaurant chain serving Asian food based on Japanese cuisine.

  • What type of food is Wagamama?

    Wagamama serves Asian-inspired dishes, primarily Japanese, including ramen, donburi, and teppanyaki.

  • What does Wagamama mean?

    Wagamama is a Japanese word meaning "self-indulgent" or "selfish."

  • What time does Wagamama close?

    Closing times vary by location. Check the specific restaurant's website for exact hours.

  • What is a Wagamama?

    It refers to the restaurant chain known for its Japanese-inspired menu.

  • What is Wagamama food?

    The food includes dishes like ramen, rice bowls, and Japanese-style curries.

  • What kind of food is Wagamama?

    Japanese and Asian-inspired cuisine.

  • What's a Wagamama?

    It's a chain of restaurants serving Japanese-inspired dishes.

  • What country is Wagamama food from?

    The food is inspired by Japanese cuisine.

  • What do the numbers mean on the Wagamama menu?

    The numbers are item codes used to identify dishes for ordering and kitchen preparation.

  • What food is Wagamamas?

    Asian-inspired, primarily Japanese dishes like ramen and teppanyaki.

  • What is Wagamamas?

    Another way of referring to Wagamama, the restaurant chain.

  • What is Wagamama menu?

    The menu includes a variety of Japanese-inspired dishes like ramen, donburi, and curries.

  • What do the numbers mean on the Wagamama menu?

    They are item codes for easier ordering.

  • Does Wagamama take cash?

    Yes, Wagamama accepts cash as well as card payments.

  • Does Wagamama deliver?

    Yes, many locations offer delivery through their website or third-party services.

  • Does Wagamama do takeaway?

    Yes, Wagamama offers takeaway options.

  • Does Wagamama do sushi?

    Some locations offer sushi, but it is not the main focus.

  • Does Wagamama do NHS discount?

    Some locations may offer NHS discounts; check with the local restaurant.

  • Does Wagamama do delivery?

    Yes, delivery is available.

  • Does Wagamama have a gluten-free menu?

    Yes, Wagamama offers a gluten-free menu.

  • Does Wagamama do children's menu?

    Yes, there is a children's menu available.

  • Does Wagamama have a children's menu?


  • Does Wagamama have a kids menu?

    Yes, they offer a kids menu.

  • Do Wagamama do takeaway?


  • Do Wagamamas do NHS discount?

    Some locations may offer it; check locally.

  • Can you book Wagamama online?

    Yes, you can make reservations online.

  • Can you book Wagamamas online?


  • Can anyone get anything from Wagamama kids menu?

    Generally, it’s intended for children, but policies may vary.

  • Is Wagamama gluten-free menu?

    They offer a separate gluten-free menu.

  • Is Wagamama gluten-free?

    They provide gluten-free options.

  • Is Wagamama expensive?

    Prices are moderate, but it depends on individual perspective.

  • When do Wagamama change the menu?

    Menu changes typically occur seasonally or annually.

  • When does Wagamama close?

    Closing times vary; check local listings.

  • When can you buy new Wagamama's summer menu?

    Summer menu availability varies; check the website for updates.

  • How many Wagamama in UK?

    There are over 150 locations in the UK.

  • How much is Wagamama?

    Prices vary by dish and location.

  • How to learn Wagamama menu?

    The menu is available on the Wagamama website.

  • Where is Wagamama from?

    Wagamama is a British chain inspired by Japanese cuisine.

  • Why do Wagamama write on menu?

    The numbers and codes help streamline ordering and preparation.

  • Have Wagamama changed their menu 2024?

    Check their website for the latest menu updates.

  • Who is Wagamama menu?

    Refers to the offerings listed in the restaurant's menu.